Unaffiliated "Petition" Candidate for US Senate, Maryland Class I 

Greg Dorsey

It should go without saying, that I will need all the help I can get.  

Maybe you can sacrifice some of your time and energy too? 

**An individual may volunteer personal services to a campaign without making a contribution as long as the individual is not compensated by anyone for the services. Volunteer activity is not reportable.

What can you offer to the cause and to the campaign?  Contact me and join our team.

  • Petition circulatorsSo, so very important.  The most important factor in this campaign.  We need petition signatures.

  • Yard sign builders - The "Make your own Yard Sign" campaign.  That's right, we will make our own yard signs.  Let's be creative, colorful and artistic.  Let's make people stop and say "wow, that's unique; what is the Independent Movement; who is Greg Dorsey".

  • Street team crews
  • Social media teams 
  • Media coordinators
  • Campaign coordinators
  • Etcetera...