Unaffiliated "Petition" Candidate for US Senate, Maryland Class I 

Greg Dorsey

See the directions to download, complete and return a petition page below.

Most Americans are not aware that the Republican and Democratic parties have a two-fold monopoly of our American electoral process. Independent (unaffiliated) candidates, and minor (non-principle) parties, are not given automatic access to the election ballot. We must "attempt" to gain ballot access  by collecting "petition" signatures (**any officially registered voter in Maryland, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof, can sign a ballot-access petition).  Have you ever tried collecting petition signatures?  It's a difficult, time consuming, mundane and sometimes futile task.  All a registered Democrat or Republican has to do is cut a check and boom, their name is on the Primary ballot, and whether they have "establishment" support or not.

Is this what the Constitution of the United States had in mind?  Are you fearful of independent candidates or minor parties?  Are independent candidates and minor parties somehow a threat to American society or somehow un-American?

​What independent candidates and minor parties "ARE" is a threat to the Republican and Democratic establishments, which when taking the handful of wedge issues out of the equation are simply one or two shades of grey away from each other.

So, I need your help.  Contact me and sign the petition.  

Consider becoming a petition circulator by collecting petition signatures to whatever degree you feel comfortable with. 

Directions to download, complete and return a petition page:

**You must be a Maryland state registered voter, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof,  with current/updated information to sign the petition (or to circulate the petition).**

1.) Download the official MD petition page and print (click address below for a direct link):      http://www.elections.state.md.us/forms/documents/candidate_petition_form_FINAL.pdf

2.)  Fill out the general information at the top left of the page.  You are acting as the "circulator" of this particular petition sheet so all general information at top and bottom of page must be filled out fully and legibly.

"We, the undersigned voters of  
Party Affiliation:  
UNAFFILIATED  (and check the Unaffiliated box)

Office and District:  
Ignore the "Lt. Governor information" (name and address).

3.) Complete your petition signature box (there are 5 boxes per page) in its entirety as ALL information must match current voter registration records.

4.)  You may surely send the petition page back with just 1 signature, but please consider attempting to get 4 more family members or friends that are registered to vote, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof,  to complete the 4 other available spots.

5.)  Fill out the circulator information at the bottom of the page (printed name, address and phone #) and circulator affidavit (signature and date) sections.  All information at the top and bottom of the page must be filled out in detail or the signature/signatures collected will be thrown out.

6.)  Mail to:  Greg Dorsey Unaffiliated
                    6106 Parkway Dr.
                    Baltimore, MD 21212