Greg Dorsey vs. Lamone; Maryland State Board of Elections

(case 1:15-cv-02170-GLR)

A huge WIN for non-partisan politics and Ballot Access here in Maryland. In short, the Maryland SBE agreed to send any "state-wide" unaffiliated petition candidate with 10,000 verified signatures (the same number to form a non-principle political party here in Maryland) to the 2016 General Election Ballot and to any special election Ballot in 2017. Also, the Maryland State Board of Elections has agreed to ask the Maryland State Legislature to put this into law during the 2017 legislative session. We WIN... If the Maryland Legislature does not act in 2017 our lawsuit will still be active without filing fee. The Maryland State Board of Elections has expressed much confidence in their ability to influence the Maryland Legislature.

Lawsuit timeline:

7/24/15  -  Complaint filed in US District Court

9/04/15  -  Maryland State Board of Elections files Motion to Dismiss

9/21/15  -  We appeal their Motion to Dismiss

6/10/16  -  Judge Russell DENIES their Motion the Dismiss

7/24/16  -  The Maryland State Board of Elections and Greg Dorsey settle the case

Ballot Access News Article about the Settlement:  

Ballot Access News Article about the original complaint:

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Fact: It takes 10,000 petition signatures to form a new Non-Principle Political Party in Maryland.  That newly formed party will have direct access to the General Election ballot, and may endorse a candidate for every/any partisan seat.

Fact:  Previously, it took over 40,000 petition signatures to get (1) Unaffiliated  US Senate candidate on the General Election ballot. 

General argument: equal protection.  Unaffiliated state-wide petition candidates cannot be forced to collect more petition signatures than the formation of an entire Non-Principle Political Party.  

From the Maryland Legislative Services "2017 Maryland General Assembly Report"    


Candidates for office who are not affiliated with a political party may have their names listed on the ballot by submitting petitions signed by 1% of the total number of registered voters who are eligible to vote for the office the candidate is seeking.
House Bill 529 (passed) alters this requirement to the lesser of 10,000 registered voters or 1% of the registered voters eligible to vote for the office. This provision implements a legal settlement between the State and an independent candidate who challenged the constitutionality of the current law, which requires independent candidates to collect far more signatures to access the ballot in statewide races than political

I spent the weekend of March 13-15, 2015 in New York City at the "National Conference of Independents".  The theme: Partnerships for Independent Power.  This was a tremendous experience; I met concerned and activated people from all over the country. Our "Non-Partisan Movement" will procure real and tangible change.  We are ready, are you?  

Paul Gessler from Fox 45 showcases "Greg Dorsey Unaffiliated" on regional TV (3/12/15):

Carson Bolter, Independent Voter Network

writer, shares an article about our lawsuit:

"Independent Candidate Says That Maryland Ballot Access Law Violates Individual Rights"

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We Win...

I spent the weekend of March 17-19, 2017 in New York City at the "National Conference of Independents". The theme: Crossroads for an Independent America. All I can say is: "slowly but surely"...  

​​Press Release, 7/24/16  -  We WIN a settlement in our favor... 

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