Unaffiliated "Petition" Candidate for US Senate, Maryland Class I 

Greg Dorsey

My wife Rebecca, Jenny Cat and our precious Sambuca.


  • Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, Bachelor of Music Degree, December 1998.                   
  • The Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD, Guitar Performance Studies, '94-'96.
  • Essex Community College, Essex, MD, '93-'94.
  • North Harford High School, Pylesville, MD, 1993.

Professional Experience

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor/Coach/Trainer, '00-Current.
  • Private Guitar Instructor, '99-Current  -  G. Dorsey Guitar Studio
  • Owner/Operator of Combat Sports Center - MD (Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training facility), '09-'13.
  • Instrumental Music Director at the Boys Latin' School of Maryland, '05-'08.


  • Walking (health & fitness and a "green" lifestyle: to the local cafe, grocery store, pharmacy, bank, pubs and restaurants).
  • Running (health & fitness and competitively).
  • Triathlon (health & fitness and competitively).
  • Off-Road Motocross (enduro and hare scramble off-road motorcycle racing and fun riding).

So who am I?  I am 42 years old.  I was born in January of 1975 at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC).  I have been a life-long Maryland resident other than the three years I spent in Boston, MA finishing my college education.  I am a music educator, an athletic instructor and a small business owner.  I am a supporter and an active voice within the many heterogeneous organizations that collectively make up a large portion of the active "Independent Movement" (see bottom of home page).  I am an occasional contributor to the Independent Voter Network.  Published October 2, 2014:  The Politically Independent in America: "We the Abridged".  Published January 8, 2015: Only "We the People" Can Bring Change to American Politics.  Published March 30, 2015: Independent-Minded Leaders Focus on Fixing American Politics at National Conference.  Published April 9, 2015: Can Independent Politicians be the Key to Political Reform?    And, I ran unsuccessfully as an Unaffiliated "petition" turned "write-in" candidate for MD State Delegate, District 43 in 2014, and I also ran unsuccessfully as an Unaffiliated "petition" turned 'write-in" candidate for Maryland US Senate, Class III in 2016.

I believe in selfless, ethical, responsible and objective public servant singularities that can do their term or "limited terms" and go back to their previous careers; not self-serving "career" politicians comfortably immersed in a partisan power struggle with tremendous aspirations of upward mobility within their "establishment" rank and file.       

This campaign, and my candidacy, is about the ideal of leading by example outside the two-party norms.  I wish to offer you a "public servant mindset": the ability to approach any issue, and the ensuing discussions and debates, with absolute objectivity, and without questionable or devious influence.  


Simply put, democracy implies compromise; and democracy inherently requires a balance of authority and boundless objectivity.  Conversely, our nations two party political system has in a sense created two countries under one roof.  This is apparent from the local County and City Councils, to the State Legislatures, to our Federal Legislative and Executive branches.  These two parties (or teams, or companies, or gangs as Governor Ventura has put it) have decided they will do whatever necessary to procure a "party voter base", and at times, are willing to ignore reason, logic, fairness and justice to retain or gain that "party voter base" power and authority.  This lack of objectivity and hunger for control can be discouraging;  this consumes me, but yet inspires me.  

I have never been registered to vote as a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian (or to any other organized political party for that matter).  I have always felt that political authority should be given by "We the People", not bought or taken with party money, party "spin" and/or party propaganda (and what about big business, advocacy and special interest influence).  I have always felt that organized political parties subjectively create tremendous borders and boundaries that constantly inhibit the "governing" process.  Again, this consumes me, but yet inspires me.